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Instant Cash From Your Wallet!

Binance etc. You can instantly convert USDT to Cash from your Electronic Wallet. Contact us for detailed information and get the best offer!

Tether Currency Exchange and
Tether Point

You can get information from our office at Murat Reis, Nuhkuyusu Cd No:241/C, 34666 Üsküdar/Istanbul at any time. Contact  ALPAR TETHER, where you can get the best offer in Istanbul!


Alpar Tether and
Money Currency

As ALPAR TETHER, we are determined to provide the "good price-full service" you need in the foreign exchange markets with our strong equity capital and qualified workforce.

We are with you for secure courier transactions and more.

Purchase / Sell Directly From Your Bank Account

You can cash out or exchange your foreign currency in your SBER BANK account.

By bank transfer You can transact from your SBERBANK Account and receive cash instantly.

For details, you can write on Whatsapp.